Season 1, Episode 2

If you aren’t at the table, you’re on the menu

In conversation with environmental attorney Patrice Simms and zero-waste activist Froilan Grate

When we think about solving the plastic pollution crisis, we often think about beach cleanups and recycling - and for those of us that come from more privileged backgrounds, we strive to fit all our plastic waste for the year into a mason jar. The overarching thread here is problematic for two major reasons: we are marketed to believe plastic pollution is OUR fault as consumers, and that everyday people must clean up the mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. The culture of convenience may be at the root cause of the plastic pollution crisis, but who is behind creating and marketing a society hooked on plastic?

In the second episode of People Over Plastic, we zoomed into some core elements of environmental justice - like what it is and why it matters. Hear from Patrice Simms, an environmental attorney at EarthJustice who explains why it's critical to change the way decisions are made about individuals who are most impacted by them, especially Black communities who fall prey to industrial polluters. You’ll also hear from Filipino activist Froilan Grate of GAIA Asia Pacific who has a lot of experience exposing the failures behind the global recycling system and corporations’ double standards. Like Patrice, Froi raises the crucial perspective that people of color can create the space and seize the power that allows their voices to be heard.

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From EarthJustice: How Big Oil is Using Toxic Chemicals as a Lifeline – and How We Can Stop It

Break Free From Plastic's Brand Audit 2021 Report

GAIA's report on Discarded: Communities on the Frontlines of the Global Plastic Crisis


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Not A Coincidence

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