Season 2, Episode 2

How The Hell Did It Get HERE?

Hear how Filipino Customs Official John Simon stopped the biggest waste shipment from being dumped in his country

When you think about your country’s top exports, do you think garbage?

In “How the hell did it get HERE?”, get to know the touching personal story of a Filipino Bureau of Customs Official who has dedicated his 30-year career to ensuring foreign trash is not illegally smuggled into his country. John Simon went from being an everyday customs collector to capturing the attention of international headlines for stopping the biggest waste shipment - containing 8,000 tons of garbage - from being dumped in the Philippines.

Tune in to hear John Simon’s story of courage and the corrupt business of waste.

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You can find more news about John Simon’s story in the Inquirer, Rappler, ABS CBN News, and GMA news online.

John Simon received the prestigious United Nations Environment Program Award as one of 8 winners on the frontlines of protecting our planet.To learn more about the inner-workings of the waste trade and its impact on import countries,  check out:


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Season 2, Episode 5

Not A Coincidence

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