The Pharr Riot in Texas and the Need for Mexican-American Studies

In this article, republished from our local journalism partner at Rio Grande Valley's Trucha, we explore a chapter in Mexican-American civil rights history that is not well known. This republish is part of a three-part series in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month.

Refillery Station Prevents Single Use Plastic in Rio Grande Valley, Texas "Republished from"

When we think of the most sustainable and greenest cities in America, McAllen is pretty low (and nonexistent) on the list. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t people like Marisa Bravo who are taking the necessary steps to make positive and eco-friendly changes within the RGV community through her community-centered and sustainability-focused shop, RGV Refillery.

You have to hit ‘em where it hurts

Rise St. James’ Shamyra Lavigne on why the fight against petrochemical companies should focus on financial institutions

They just abandoned us.

The EPA’s civil rights investigation into environmental racism in Louisiana’s Cancer Alley was halted. Frontline communities are wondering why

“Manifesting a great life for myself.”

Louisiana Green Corps equips young workers with the tools needed to improve their lives and their communities

In the afterlife of slavery

The descendants in Louisiana's River Parishes confront a new era of discrimination and environmental injustice, but they’re not backing down.


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